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Making a Difference in the Lives of Our Clients

Client 1

The Army Gains a Soldier

Another Satisfied Client

“Ms. Jodi Morales has been a huge help. I received a summons in March 2020, but because of covid-19 my court date appearance kept getting changed. This was a problem because, I am in the process of enlisting in the military. When I reached out to attorney Morales, she was very eager to help. Ms. Morales responded to all my questions on a timely manner, and reached out to the court officials to try to reach a resolution, as soon as we agreed to work together. Thanks to Ms. Morales, I will now be able to enlist without any issues because the case has been dismissed. This was all done in a very short period of time, and this would never have been possible without Ms. Morales. She is a great attorney, and I will recommend her to anyone who is in need of an attorney.

- J.S.

Client 4

The Fight for Freedom

Another Satisfied Client

The legal system can be frustrating. It was a blessing and pleasure to come across Attorney Jodi Morales - a person who cares on the job as well as off her job duties. Ms. Morales fought for my freedom just as hard as I did. It helps when a person comes into your life at a bad time and sees all the potential in you. This is what I found and received with her. Ms. Morales has seen me grow even more since our first encounter. I thank her for going beyond her job as well as caring. We need more Jodi Morales’ in the legal system.
— J.J.

Client 6

Case Closed

Another Satisfied Client

I had a case in Orange County that my court appointed public defenders kept getting postponed for almost 2 years because I refused to plead guilty to offers they kept presenting me with. I was being charged with fraud and possession of stolen property. Once I hired Ms. Morales she had my charges dropped to disorderly conduct - case closed. Jodi handled my case professionally and efficiently and I would recommend her services to anyone seeking a lawyer. 
- D.R.

Client 5

Saving Her Career

Another Satisfied Client

I had a family member that needed legal counsel regarding a criminal matter.  This criminal matter could have been of grave consequence to my family member's professional career and nursing licenses.  We hired Attorney Morales and were very happy with with her prompt and professional services.  The outcome was favorable and my family member is back to work with no adverse effect to her license and career.  Thank you Attorney Morales, may God bless you and your firm abundantly.
- T.W.

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